Ecotourism and Travel

When you ask the average person what their ideal holiday destination would be, now a days you tend to hear more of an exotic preference. Locations like India and Thailand, Nepal or Vietnam are common dream destinations. Which indicates that the average traveller is becoming more and more interested in exploring and discovering international locations.

This obviously is due to the developments in travel and communication over the last 10 years. Things like cost and accessibility now no longer play much of a factor when choosing a holiday destination.Backpacking

In a couple of hours one can easily be across the world, we have literally turned our globe into a wonderland waiting to be explored. But sadly the question that is quickly becoming asked is how long will the wonderland ‘s beauty last?

Many people are waking up to how quickly exotic locations can lose their charm. Which is when the notion of conservation and sustainability become reality, all over the world there is a high need for responsibility.

So what can you do to make an effort be a sustainable traveller?

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Its Easy..

In today’s world it’s not enough to just visit rural and non-commercial areas to be considered a conscientious traveller. What you need to know is – Ecotourism is very much

controlled and powered by the traveller.

How many times have you travelled to places around the world?  Only to ask yourself

Dance with Locals

whythey don’t look after the area better. You as the consumer have the power to make sustainable tourism effective… by becoming more of a conscious traveller.

Here are some tips to becoming an Eco tourist:     These tips apply to New York as much as it do to Kenya..

1. Get to know the place, really spend time looking into the details of the local

lifestyles,what the locals do daily, where they shop, what they eat, and even what they wear.

2.  Really learn the way they live, take sometime to try and learn the language, even a

simple morning greeting.

3. Engage in the culture, talk to people, eat, drink and dance with the locals, learn from

them, listen to stories and absorb their mentalities.

4.  Respect and be aware of their culture

5.  Purchase local products, investigate how long and how important products are to theirhistory.

6.  Don’t be invasive or demanding, if they don’t have the Diet Coke you want, ask to try a local juice, or other products.

7.  Most importantly don’t take your habitswith you, leave athome your usual diet, and comforts, really embrace being ina new location with new cultures.

All of these tips will result in you being more aware of your surroundings..  and therefore taking an active role in  becoming an eco traveler..This is the future of traveling..

Being an Eco Tourist Does not mean the accommodations will be bad, it does not mean itsgoing to be dangerous, and it defiantly doesn’t mean its for the poor traveller.

Meeting the Locals

Ecotourism is about really Discovering, Learning, Connecting and Sharing

anexperience. Lead by example and take an active role in being an active tourist, engage

life and taste the flavors of diversity and culture.You will defiantly have more unforgettable memories and stories to tell through out your life.

image source - Katie Thomsen , Rocsgroup ,intrepidtrave, momentville


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