French Riviera – Nice

Nice is the capital of the French Riviera it has been drawing people to its beautiful coastline for decades. With its undoubtedly breathtaking landscapes and perfect climate nice is a hot spot for tourism. Its no wonder during the warmer months the beaches entice people from far an wide to bath in the sunshine and blue Mediterranean sea.France_nice_night_view

Over the years Nice has built itself a reputation, due to all the activities and interests the city has to offer, Nice has become the ideal location for easy going holiday makers.

Finding a place to stay is made super easy with the endless list of  different lodging arrangements, from hotels, hostels, apartments, and  room letting.. it’s a breeze finding yourself a little place only a couple of meters from the coast.

The coats line in Nice is sunning, the beaches run for about 4 miles with beautiful tall palm trees along side. Private concessionaries offer various things, such as food and water sports equipment rentals. The beaches in Nice aren’t the usual Sandy beaches, but instead are gravel beaches with smooth white rocks.2631342539_2019e1a77b_o

Despite often being mistaken to be the sleepiest French town, Nice has become a buzzing metropolis, which now offers diversity in opportunities for not only locals but for foreign nationals too. With Nice’s great climate and abundance of employment opportunities each year Nice has literally become a magnet. Attacking expats from all over Europe, and keeping the locals keen to stay.

Nice has been ranked as the top choice of location to live with In Europe.

Described as

“A place with timeless beauty “

“A seductive landscape of diversity offering coast and mountains”

“A city where everyone can find what they are looking for.”


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